COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Eastern Mountain Avens in Canada

Eastern Mountain Avens (Geum peckii) is an herbaceous perennial in the rose family. The 15-40 cm flowering stalks bear one to five yellow, five-petalled flowers that produce 30-60 seeds. Leaves are predominantly basal, with one large terminal and several small lateral leaflets. This species is morphologically indistinguishable from the rare Appalachian Avens (G. radiatum) of high elevation sites in Tennessee and North Carolina but recent molecular genetic research suggested that patterns of genetic variance between Appalachian Avens and Eastern Mountain Avens support the maintenance of the two as separate species. Features such as the larger flower size, yellow-orange flower centres and peatland habitat of Eastern Mountain Avens distinguish it from Nova Scotia’s other Geum species.

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  • Author: Government of Canada, Environment Canada
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  • Year: 2010