COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Coastrange Sculpin, Cultus Population in Canada

The Coastrange Sculpin (Cultus Population) is a population of vertically migrating, pygmy Coastrange Sculpin that inhabits the offshore habitat of Cultus Lake, southwestern British Columbia. Their general appearance is typical of Coastrange Sculpin; the head is broad and flat and the body tapers gradually to a moderately deep, laterally compressed tail section. There are two dorsal fins and the pectoral fins are large and fan-like. The Coastrange Sculpin (Cultus Population) differ from typical Coastrange Sculpin in several traits including a smaller maximum size, the nighttime use of surface water habitat into adulthood, a longer spawning period, and several differences in morphology.

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  • Author: Government of Canada, Environment Canada
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  • Pages: 39
  • Year: 2010