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COSEWIC assessment and update status report on the Sage Thrasher Oreoscoptes montanus in Canada

Species Information

Name, Classification and Taxonomy

The Sage Thrasher, Oreoscoptes montanus, is the only member of the genus Oreoscoptes, and is probably more closely related to the mockingbirds of the genus Mimus than to thrashers in the genus Toxostoma (Reynolds et al. 1999).  There are no recognized subspecies, though birds in northern populations tend to have longer tails.


A small thrasher (slightly smaller than an American Robin) with, when compared to other thrashers, a relatively short bill and tail.  Drab greyish-brown above with grey-brown stripes below; face appears streaked with a whitish supercilium and black streaks on the sides of the throat.  Sexes are similar.  Song is a long, musical series of warbling notes.