Species Profile

Blackfin Cisco

Scientific Name: Coregonus nigripinnis
Taxonomy Group: Fishes
Range: Ontario
Last COSEWIC Assessment: April 2007
Last COSEWIC Designation: Data Deficient
SARA Status: Schedule 2, Threatened - (SARA Schedule 1 provisions do not apply)

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Image of Blackfin Cisco


The Blackfin Cisco has an elongated body, large eyes, a blunt snout, and a terminal mouth. It is a dark silvery color, with a dark green to black back, and pink or purple on the sides; the outer half of the fins is black. Blackfin Ciscoes measure up to 510 mm.


Distribution and Population

The Blackfin Cisco was found in lakes Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Nipigon. It has been extirpated from lakes Michigan and Huron, and its present existence in lakes Superior and Ontario is not confirmed. At the present time, it is believed to exist only in Lake Nipigon. The present status of the Blackfin Cisco in Lake Nipigon is not clear.



The habitat preferences of Blackfin Ciscoes are not known.



The general biology of this species is not known. Areas used for spawning are not known.


There are two main factors which have led to the disappearance of Blackfin Ciscoes: over-exploitation by commercial fisheries; and predation by the Sea Lamprey.



Recovery Initiatives

Status of Recovery Planning

Recovery Strategies :

Name Recovery Strategy for the Blackfin Cisco (Coregonus nigripinnis)
Status Recovery team/planner in place



PLEASE NOTE: Not all COSEWIC reports are currently available on the SARA Public Registry. Most of the reports not yet available are status reports for species assessed by COSEWIC prior to May 2002. Other COSEWIC reports not yet available may include those species assessed as Extinct, Data Deficient or Not at Risk. In the meantime, they are available on request from the COSEWIC Secretariat.

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COSEWIC Status Reports

COSEWIC Assessments

  • COSEWIC Assessment - Blackfin Cisco (2007)

    Designated Threatened in April 1988. Species considered in April 2007 and placed in the Data Deficient category. Last assessment based on an update status report.


COSEWIC Annual Reports

  • COSEWIC Annual Report - 2007 (2007)

    2007 Annual Report to the The Minister of the Environment and the Canadian Endangered Species Conservation Council (CESCC) from the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada.