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Margined Madtom

Scientific Name: Noturus insignis
Taxonomy Group: Fishes
Range: Ontario, Quebec
Last COSEWIC Assessment: May 2002
Last COSEWIC Designation: Data Deficient
SARA Status: Schedule 2, Threatened - (SARA Schedule 1 provisions do not apply)

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Image of Margined Madtom

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PLEASE NOTE: Not all COSEWIC reports are currently available on the SARA Public Registry. Most of the reports not yet available are status reports for species assessed by COSEWIC prior to May 2002. Other COSEWIC reports not yet available may include those species assessed as Extinct, Data Deficient or Not at Risk. In the meantime, they are available on request from the COSEWIC Secretariat.

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COSEWIC Status Reports

  • COSEWIC assessment and update status report on the margined madtom Noturus insignis in Canada (2002)

    The margined madtom, Noturus insignis (Richardson 1836), is a small ictalurid (family Ictaluridae). The official French name is chat-fou liséré, although chat-fou livré is used in older literature. This fish has a light cream-coloured belly, a light brown to grey back and chin barbels. Its dorsal and caudal fins are light brown with black edges. Its adipose fin is attached along the length of the body and is continuous with the square caudal fin. Adults are commonly 100 mm in total length. Specimens of margined madtom are rarely captured and may be easily misidentified.

COSEWIC Assessments

  • COSEWIC Assessment - Margined madtom (2002)

    Designated Threatened in April 1989. Status reexamined in May 2002 and placed in the Data Deficient category. Last assessment based on an update status report.

Response Statements

  • Response Statements - Margined Madtom (2004)

    A response statement is a communications document that identifies how the Minister of the Environment intends to respond to the assessment of a wildlife species by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). The document provides a start to the listing and recovery process for those species identified as being at risk, and provides timelines for action to the extent possible.