The Minister of the Environment's Response to Species at Risk Assessments submitted by COSEWIC on 24 October 2017

Table 1. Terrestrial species (13) assessed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada and eligible for addition to Schedule 1
Normal: May 22, 2018
Extended: October 22, 2018
TaxonCOSEWIC statusSpeciesScientific nameRangeConsultation path
LichensEndangeredGolden-eye Lichen (Great Lakes population)Teloschistes chrysophthalmusONNormal
MammalsEndangeredCaribou (Eastern Migratory population)Rangifer tarandusMB ON QC NLExtended
MammalsEndangeredCaribou (Torngat Mountains population)Rangifer tarandusNU QC NLExtended
MolluscsEndangeredEastern Banded TigersnailAnguispira kochi kochiONNormal
BirdsThreatenedLark BuntingCalamospiza melanocorysAB SK MBNormal
MammalsThreatenedCaribou (Barren-ground population)Rangifer tarandusYT NT NU AB SK MBExtended
ArthropodsSpecial ConcernMagdalen Islands GrasshopperMelanoplus madeleineaeQCNormal
ArthropodsSpecial ConcernTransverse Lady BeetleCoccinella transversoguttataYT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLNormal
BirdsSpecial ConcernEvening GrosbeakCoccothraustes vespertinusYT NT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLNormal
BirdsSpecial ConcernHarris's SparrowZonotrichia querulaNT NU AB SK MB ONNormal
LichensSpecial ConcernGolden-eye Lichen (Prairie / Boreal population)Teloschistes chrysophthalmusMB ONNormal
ReptilesSpecial ConcernBullsnakePituophis catenifer sayiAB SKNormal
Vascular PlantsSpecial ConcernLong's BulrushScirpus longiiNSNormal
Table 2. Terrestrial species (8) assessed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada and eligible for reclassification or delisting
TaxonProposed change to Schedule 1 StatusSpeciesScientific NameRangeConsultation Path
BirdsFrom Threatened to EndangeredPink-footed ShearwaterArdenna creatopusBC Pacific OceanNormal
ReptilesFrom Threatened to EndangeredBlanding's Turtle (Great Lakes / St. Lawrence population)Emydoidea blandingiiON QCNormal
ArthropodsFrom Special Concern to EndangeredMonarchDanaus plexippusNT BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NLExtended
ReptilesFrom Endangered to ThreatenedWestern Painted Turtle (Pacific Coast population)Chrysemys picta belliiBCNormal
Vascular PlantsFrom Endangered to ThreatenedSpotted WintergreenChimaphila maculataON QCNormal
Vascular PlantsFrom Threatened to Special ConcernAnticosti AsterSymphyotrichum anticostenseQC NBNormal
MossesFrom Endangered to Special ConcernRusty Cord-mossEntosthodon rubiginosusBC SKNormal
ArthropodsFrom Special Concern to Not at RiskSonora SkipperPolites sonoraBCDelist
Table 3. Terrestrial species (12) recently reassessed by COSEWIC (no consultations – species status confirmation)
TaxonCOSEWIC StatusSpeciesSpecies nameRange
ArthropodsEndangeredGold-edged GemSchinia avemensisAB SK MB
BirdsEndangeredBurrowing OwlAthene cuniculariaBC AB SK MB
BirdsEndangeredProthonotary WarblerProtonotaria citreaON
MammalsEndangeredOrd's Kangaroo RatDipodomys ordiiAB SK
MossesEndangeredNugget MossMicrobryum vlassoviiBC
ReptilesEndangeredBlanding's Turtle (Nova Scotia population)Emydoidea blandingiiNS
Vascular PlantsEndangeredButternutJuglans cinereaON QC NB
Vascular PlantsEndangeredWestern Prairie Fringed OrchidPlatanthera praeclaraMB
BirdsSpecial ConcernRusty BlackbirdEuphagus carolinusYT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL
MammalsSpecial ConcernNuttall's Cottontail nuttallii subspeciesSylvilagus nuttallii nuttalliiBC
ReptilesSpecial ConcernWestern Painted Turtle (Intermountain - Rocky Mountain population)Chrysemys picta belliiBC
Vascular PlantsSpecial ConcernAmerican Hart's-tongue FernAsplenium scolopendrium var. americanumON
Table 4. Aquatic species (12) assessed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada with consultations to be conducted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (eligible for addition to Schedule 1)
TaxonCOSEWIC StatusSpeciesSpecies nameRangeConsultation Path
Fishes (freshwater)EndangeredLake Sturgeon (Saskatchewan - Nelson River populations)Acipenser fulvescensAB SK MB ONExtended
Fishes (freshwater)EndangeredLake Sturgeon (Western Hudson Bay populations)Acipenser fulvescensSK MBExtended
Fishes (marine)EndangeredChinook Salmon (Okanagan population)Oncorhynchus tshawytschaBC Pacific OceanExtended
Fishes (freshwater)ThreatenedLake Sturgeon (Great Lakes - Upper St. Lawrence populations)Acipenser fulvescensON QCExtended
Fishes (freshwater)ThreatenedPygmy Whitefish (Great Lakes - Upper St. Lawrence populations)Prosopium coulteriiONNormal
Fishes (marine)ThreatenedCoho Salmon (Interior Fraser population)Oncorhynchus kisutchBC Pacific OceanExtended
Fishes (freshwater)Special ConcernDeepwater Sculpin (Waterton Lake population)Table footnote 1Myoxocephalus thompsoniiABNormal
Fishes (freshwater)Special ConcernLake Sturgeon (Southern Hudson Bay - James Bay populations)Acipenser fulvescensMB ON QCNormal
Fishes (freshwater)Special ConcernPygmy Whitefish (Waterton Lake population)Table footnote 1Prosopium coulteriiABNormal
Fishes (marine)Special ConcernShortfin Mako (Atlantic population)Isurus oxyrinchusQC NB PE NS NL
Atlantic Ocean
No consultation proposed, COSEWIC has requested a refer back.
Mammals (marine)Special ConcernAtlantic Walrus (Central / Low Arctic population)Odobenus rosmarus rosmarusNU MB QC NL
Arctic Ocean Atlantic Ocean
Mammals (marine)Special ConcernAtlantic Walrus (High Arctic population)Odobenus rosmarus rosmarusNU Arctic OceanExtended

Tale 4 footnote

Footnote 1

Parks Canada Agency is competent minister but Department of Fisheries and Oceans will undergo consultations.

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Table 5. Aquatic species (6) assessed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada and eligible for reclassification
TaxonProposed change to Schedule 1 StatusSpeciesScientific NameRangeConsultation Path
Fishes (freshwater)From Threatened to EndangeredChannel Darter (Lake Erie populations)Table footnote 2Percina copelandiONNormal
Fishes (freshwater)From Threatened to EndangeredChannel Darter (Lake Ontario populations)Table footnote 2Percina copelandiONNormal
MolluscsFrom Endangered to ThreatenedMapleleaf (Saskatchewan – Nelson Rivers population)Quadrula quadrulaMBStatus change for which there will be no consultations
MolluscsFrom Endangered to Special ConcernEastern PondmusselLigumia nasutaONNormal
MolluscsFrom Threatened to Special ConcernMapleleaf (Great Lakes - Upper St. Lawrence population)Quadrula quadrulaONNormal
Fishes (freshwater)From Threatened to Special ConcernChannel Darter (St. Lawrence populations)Table footnote 2Percina copelandiON QCNormal

Tale 5 footnote

Footnote 2

Currently listed on Schedule 1 of SARA as Channel Darter

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Table 6. Aquatic species (5) recently reassessed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (species status confirmations)
TaxonStatus ConfirmationsSpeciesSpecies nameRange
Fishes (freshwater)EndangeredShortnose CiscoCoregonus reighardiON
Fishes (freshwater)EndangeredSpeckled DaceRhinichthys osculusBC
Fishes (freshwater)ThreatenedWestslope Cutthroat Trout (Saskatchewan - Nelson Rivers populations)Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisiAB
Fishes (freshwater)Special concernDeepwater Sculpin (Great Lakes - Upper St. Lawrence populations)Myoxocephalus thompsoniiON QC
Fishes (freshwater)Special concernWestslope Cutthroat Trout (Pacific populations)Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisiBC