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The COSEWIC Summaries of Terrestrial Species Eligible for Addition or Reclassification on Schedule 1 - January 2018

The following section presents a brief summary of the reasons for the COSEWIC status designation of individual species, and their biology, threats, distribution and other information. For a more comprehensive explanation of the conservation status of an individual species, please refer to the COSEWIC status report for that species, also available on the Species at Risk Public Registry

or contact:
COSEWIC Secretariat
c/o Canadian Wildlife Service
Environment Canada
Ottawa ON  K1A 0H3

Table of contents

  1. Anticosti Aster
  2. Blanding's Turtle (Great Lakes / St. Lawrence population)
  3. Bullsnake
  4. Caribou (Barren-ground population)
  5. Caribou (Eastern Migratory population)
  6. Caribou (Torngat Mountains population)
  7. Eastern Banded Tigersnail
  8. Evening Grosbeak
  9. Golden-eye Lichen (Great Lakes population)
  10. Golden-eye Lichen (Prairie / Boreal population)
  11. Harris's Sparrow
  12. Lark Bunting
  13. Long's Bulrush
  14. Magdalen Islands Grasshopper
  15. Monarch
  16. Pink-footed Shearwater
  17. Rusty Cord-moss
  18. Sonora Skipper
  19. Spotted Wintergreen
  20. Transverse Lady Beetle
  21. Western Painted Turtle (Pacific Coast population)
Table of contents